PKIoverheid certificate in the Energy sector

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Why do I need a Private certificate, which falls within the ‘PKIoverheid’, for B2B digital communication with EDSN systems within the Energy Sector?

You need a PKIoverheid Private server certificate, in order to use Web Services for the following EDSN services (B2B) and/or market processes in the Dutch energy market:

  • Portal (information exchange for the market processes, such as Switches; measurement data, Caloric Correction factors, EancodeBook etc.);
  • Portal P4 (to request data from the Central Access servers);
  • CSS (for the submission and retrieval of allocation data for control signal gas);
  • TMR (querying measurement data);
  • Nexus (gas allocation and reconciliation), for signing and encryption.

EDSN is managing the systems for the above mentioned processes. The PKIoverheid Private server certificate allows for secure exchange of data between these systems. The EDSN systems will recognize your organisation by its EAN13 code.

Who needs a PKIoverheid certificate?

Organizations need a PKIoverheid Private server certificate if they are active in one of the following roles in the Dutch energy market; as national/regional network operators, Program Responsible parties, energy suppliers, organizations responsible for measurement and other in the sector acknowledged service providers. The PKIoverheid Private server certificate enables secure communication with the systems of EDSN.

What do I need to do?

The listed central systems/market processes should be equipped with PKIoverheid Private server certificates according to the planning agreed by NEDU. These are SHA2-secure certificates. You have to install a EDSN Private server certificate (services) in your (B2B) communication system. The PKIoverheid Private server certificate includes the EAN13 code of your organization.

Request procedure

The procedure for requesting a PKIoverheid Private server certificate comprises of the following steps:

  1. Register once-only as a subscriber of the PKIoverheid services of KPN;
  2. Request a PKIoverheid Private server certificate;
  3. Install the PKIoverheid Private server certificate on the appropriate system.

Continue reading and start the Subscriber registration and certificate request

Wat is the pricing for PKIoverheid certificates?

Subscriber registration: free.

PKIoverheid Standard package: € 599 exclusive VAT:

  • PKIoverheid Private server certificate, valid for a period of 3 years;
  • Identification of certificate manager, at customer location in the Netherlands;
  • Electronic issuing certificate;
  • Customer service during the order process.

Personal identification

The Certificate manager that you appoint in your certificate request needs to be personally identified by KPN. The standard procedure for identification is based on identification at an office in the Netherlands. Alternately you can either choose to request personal identification of your Certificate manager outside the Netherlands, at an additional charge, or you can appoint a Certificate manager from EDSN, contact for more information.

Standard procedure for identification
Personal identification of your Certificatemanager is performed by our partner: AMP. Once your server certificate request is processed, KPN will order AMP to contact you. You will receive an email containing instructions from AMP, how you can make an appointment for personal identification, at a time and location of your choice in the Netherlands.

Identification can take place anywhere in the Netherlands, except the Dutch islands in the Wadsee . Once the personal identification is completed, KPN will receive a signal from AMP and KPN will finalize your server certificate request.

KPN reserves the right to charge you for the cancellation.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or by phone

If you already are a registered Subscriber of KPN’s certificate services, we request you to use your Chamber of Commerce number or Dun & Bradstreet number and your KPN Subscriber number in your communication with KPN.

Send your email with subject <your KPN subscription number, your Chamber of Commerce number> to Your email will be answered within 5 working days.

Phone number: + 31 88 – 661 06 21

Working days: 09: 00 – 17: 00 CET