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Relying Party Agreement Qualified Certificates

Relying Party Agreement (RPA)

Special Conditions PKIoverheid Certificates

General Conditions KPN

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Certificate Policies

PKIoverheid Programma van Eisen (PKIoverheid PvE)

Symantec Trust Network CP (STN CP)

Symantec Trust Network European Directive Supplemental Policies (STN EDSP)

Certification Practice Statements

The KPN trust service provision (including the customer service policy) is described in the Certification Practice Statements. The practices differ for certificates issued in the PKIoverheid domain and certificates issued within the Symantec Trust Network .

KPN PKIoverheid Certification Practice Statement (Dutch)

KPN PKIoverheid Certification Practice Statement (English)
This Certification Practice Statement also applies to KPN PKIoverheid Extended Validation (EV SSL) certificates and KPN PKIoverheid Private Services certificates.

KPN PKIoverheid PKI Disclosure Statement

KPN Symantec Trust Network Certification Practice Statement

Outdated versions can be obtained via the Archive.

Privacy Statement

KPN PKIoverheid Privacy statement

ETSI certificates

The KPN trust service provision is certified against ‘ETSI EN 319 411: Policy and security requirements for Trust Service Providers issuing certificates’, parts 1 (General Requirements) and 2 (Requirements for trust service providers issuing EU qualified certificates). This implies that KPN issues digital certificates to the public and/or services on behalf of customers in accordance with the European Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

Law, regulations and guidance

Relevant Law, regulations and guidance concerning Qualified and other certificates can be downloaded below.

European eIDAS Regulation 910/2014

Logius PKIoverheid Programma van Eisen

Agentschap Telecom

CA certificates

The CA certificates of KPN can be downloaded below:

KPN PKIoverheid Organisatie CA – G2

KPN PKIoverheid EV CA

KPN BV PKIoverheid Organisatie Persoon CA – G3

KPN BV PKIoverheid Organisatie Server CA – G3

KPN BV PKIoverheid Organisatie Services CA – G3


KPN PKIoverheid CSP Organisatie CA g2

The archive for older CA certificates.